Week 8


Arcola Theatre: The Cherry Orchard – Anton Chekhov 


I was really looking forward to this. I like the Arcola, and I had seen this cast recently in another Russian revolution play (The Lower Depths).

Sadly, the event didn’t live up to the expectation. The comedy elements suffered from bad timing ( if you’re going to do slapstick, you have to do it well), and the cast seemed as if they couldn’t be bothered to give it their all. The set was good, but the play wasn’t, sadly. I did something I almost never do- in fact I can’t remember the last time I did it- and left at the interval.



The Man in the High Castle has been recently revived for TV, so I thought it was about time I read it. Of course, I’d forgotten how bleak Philip K Dick’s worlds are, and how unsympathetic I always find his characters.  I ploughed through it without a great deal of enjoyment.

In contrast,  Night Sessions was wonderful. A cyberpunk crime novel with religion as motive, set in an alternate near-future. All my favourite sub-genres rolled into one brilliant package. This goes onto my “read again” pile.

Finally, Alice. I wish I hadn’t bought this book. It was a great disappointment. I will say no more.