Week 11


Visible Theatre at Southwark Playhouse

Sonja Linden: Roundelay


What to say about this? It was rude. Very rude. And disturbing in that it broke the last taboo, sex and old people. It was meant to be disturbing, of course, and that worked. I went to a matinee performance, which always guarantees a larger number of “mature folk” in the audience. What I wasn’t expecting was that most of the cast were elderly. The theatre is a small, “in the round” space, and this production used the space to the full, with aerial circus arts included (two cast members were young enough to take this on). One of the lead characters was a woman with Alzheimer’s, and we saw her deteriorating over the course of the play. This was upsetting for me as I have had the experience of watching a family member go through this awful disease.  All in all, this was a mixed experience for me, but that was not the fault of the actors, who performed a difficult play very well.


I am ahead of my target for this point in the year, having read 32 of my proposed 100 books for 2017.

I have come late to Val McDermid, but am realising just why she is known as the Queen of Crime. Wire in the Blood is the second in her Tony Hill series, and was thoroughly enjoyable.